Beginning of Cooler Season Brings Family Fun for Holtkamp HVAC

What happens when Holtkamp HVAC phones slow down and customers are comfortably resting in their well-maintained homes?  Well, the Holtkamp crew goes golfing… well, sort of.  It’s our version of golf anyhow.  The kind of golf that appeals to 4 year olds as well as grumpy old men.  (I won’t elaborate.)  The kind of golf that involves pirates and neon green balls and all sorts of water to fling about.  Yes! Yes!  I am talking the ultimate sport, PUTT PUTT.  Here are just a few photos of the crew.  I won’t say who won and who lost but I will just tell you there were a few tears; I told Matthew it was embarrassing to eat dinner listening to his sniffling.

Where's Waldo?

Margaret Holtkamp has an uncanny sense of confidence going into the first round.

The Holtkamp HVAC crew is relaxed and all smiles. Will it last??


The competition heats up as Beverly starts to fish instead of putt...

And no one told Nicole this was golf, not a drum majorette competition!


Matthew Holtkamp envisions sinking the putt; Margaret and Annabelle envision stopping at the snack bar.


The picture of the day... nothing beats daddy's hand at the end of a hard round.

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