Holt KAMPing in Style

You didn’t need to tell us this was the hottest summer on record in over 100 years.  By mid September, the Holtkamp team was ready for some fun.  We all dusted off our tents and loaded our whining families into various assorted SUVs.  Thought I’d share pictures from HoltKAMPoree 2010 – our annual company camping trip to Lake Hartwell.  I’ll spare you the pictures of shirtless men and pretty bad hair mornings, afternoons, and evenings.  (Matthew without his hair gel was ghastly enough!)  Instead I have the most important pictures.  

First, this is Bev’s tent (our dynamic office manager), complete with AC.  Notice the nice duct tape.  She gets an A in DIY but an F in Whole House Sealing and Insulation!


Here are the newest HoltKAMPorees.  Eleanor (on the left) takes time to pose while watching for someone to drop a piece of steak from lunch!


And last but not least, shirtless men out boating.  AHHHH!  Gotcha!


Here’s to HoltKAMPoree 2011.  May your tent always be dry and your waterskiing wet!

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