Holtkamp HVAC Collects Half Ton of Food for Local Food Banks

As proud supporters of the arts and local food banks, Holtkamp HVAC recently hosted home school students from around the area to a free show at Aurora Theatre. We asked them to bring food for local food banks as part of their free admission. The show was Peter Pan & Wendy, and who knew that Tinkerbell would arrive at the show for a ride in our make believe convertible?

As part of this food drive, we were thrilled to gather a half ton of food from these students and their families. Brandon collected 105 items from family and friends, and he knows his contributions to this Gwinnett Can Challenge food drive will help so many families in our area.

With the combined efforts of these students, Aurora Theatre and Holtkamp HVAC, over 1000 pounds of food was delivered to the Norcross Coop.

Would you like to make a difference and take the Gwinnett Can Challenge? We know you CAN do it!

If you’re part of a non-profit 501(c) 3 group like boy scouts, girl scouts, churches or more, then your group could be eligible for a $250 grant if you collect enough food for local food banks.

Meanwhile, Suzanne is keeping Matthew Holtkamp guessing as he takes the Holtkamp convertible for a spin!

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