Matthew Featured as Guest Speaker at Georgia Gwinnett College

Today, Matthew had the honor of being featured as a guest speaker at Georgia Gwinnett College as part of their “Community Heroes Academic Mentoring Program.”

This First Year Success Workshop had three clear objectives for student attendees:

  • Understand key practices you can put in place as a first-year college students that will help you find success in the future.
  • Learn to establish and prioritize your most important college and career goals.
  • Discover tools and resources to help you plan for success as a busy college student.

To help students achieve these workshop objectives, Matthew was happy to share the story of his beginnings in an Iowa farming community, skills gained in technical college and the journey to becoming a successful business owner here in Gwinnett. In fact, you can read more about his journey here.

Matthew hopes his speech to students on goal setting and entrepreneurship offered inspiration as they continue on their educational journey and eventually their careers in Gwinnett and beyond!

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