Matthew Holtkamp Named as Chair of Gwinnett Tech Board of Trustees

With local students of all ages settling into school across Gwinnett County, it’s a fitting time to announce that Matthew Holtkamp has recently been named as the Chair of the Gwinnett Technical College Board of Trustees!

As the proud product of a technical education program many years ago, Matthew has an affinity for the valuable education that technical colleges provide. Rather than investing in four years of traditional college and a bachelor’s degree, Matthew encourages local parents and their children to consider technical education programs like Gwinnett Tech that offer real-world skills and trades that are immediately applicable in local, high-paying jobs.

“I’ve enjoyed serving on the Gwinnett Tech Board of Trustees since 2015, and now that I’m serving as Chairman, I look forward to emphasize our efforts in giving students in all the 140+ degree programs an opportunity for experiential learning in actual workplace environments,” said Matthew Holtkamp.

“The college’s Launch Pointe program is a one stop shop for career development and workplace internships and apprenticeships. We are looking to grow our relationships with both large and small businesses in our community to increase the impact of this program.”

“Thanks to the expansion of the HOPE Career Grant to all areas of technical education, students with good grades in high school are now afforded the opportunity to attend schools like Gwinnett Tech tuition-free. Rather than saddling themselves with debt from a 4-year school, the next generation of students are embracing technical college.”

“The Holtkamp HVAC Scholarship can now fund books, tools and other items instead of tuition. When students graduate with little or no debt and lots of applicable skills in all sorts of industries, they are ready to contribute to our community and join the local workforce right away.”

The jobs that Gwinnett Tech trains students for are high-paying, career-building opportunities that will lead graduates to success. Plus, this educational institution has a whopping 99% job placement rate for graduates!

Matthew presents ceremonial gavel to departing Chair, Angie Woo, Legal Director, Cisco Systems, Inc..

Want to learn more about the exciting programs offered by Gwinnett Technical College or sign your business up to become part of Launch Pointe? Please visit their website.

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