Suzanne’s Top Kitchen Pantry Tips

I’ve come across a lot of pantry tips throughout the years, and these top tips will save you some space while perhaps even saving your dinner one evening!

Take a Lazy Susan for a Spin

Tired of digging through endless cans of food in the back of a shelf when you just need the refried beans on Taco Tuesday? For a few bucks, you can get Lazy Susans in any home goods store for the shelves in your pantry.

These plastic or wooden spinning discs are perfect for canned goods or bottled items, and with the ease of a spin you can quickly see what’s in the back by bringing it to the front.

Citrus to Save the Day

Whether you’re whipping up a quick Chicken Piccata or trying our Gaucamole recipe, citrus plays a big role in these dishes. But what if you’ve forgotten that important lemon or lime when buying your ingredients?

Always keep these small plastic bottles of lemon and lime juice in your pantry or fridge (once opened). While fresh is best, these organic back-ups are inexpensive, have minimal extra ingredients and will definitely save the day when you forget to pick up your citrus at the store.

Chicken Broth: A Flavor MVP

Want a way to turn up the volume on some plain dishes and provide fantastic flavor? When certain recipes call for water, consider replacing all or some of the liquid with low sodium chicken broth.

For example, try this next time you’re making rice to pair with a chicken dish. You’ll find the flavorful rice compliments the dish beautifully. Same for couscous, rice pilaf, grits and other side dishes.

Plus, adding some chicken broth to spaghetti sauce or our chili recipe can give them a “slowly cooked all day” depth of flavor even if you just quickly whipped up the dish.

Spices: The Nose Knows

Every time you use a bottle of spice, be sure to check the expiration date. There’s no point in using a spice that expired five years ago; you may as well be adding dust to the dish!

Also, no matter the date, be sure to take a whiff of the spice. If it gives off a strong smell reminiscent of the spice, you’re good to go. If it smells like nothing, it will likely taste like nothing. When in doubt, toss it out.

Spice Rack Space Savings

Speaking of spices, one of the best pantry ideas is how to store them. These handy spice racks will create more space on your pantry shelves by installing them on the back of your pantry door! See examples here.

I hope these tips add new power to how you approach your pantry. From my kitchen to yours!

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