Top 5 Home Heating Myths

Now’s the time to think about your heating system before that first cold snap.  When you plan ahead just a little, it alleviates the anxiety of last minute decisions and saves you money!  Here are the top five heating myths:

1) All carbon monoxide detectors are equal.  Most big box store CO detectors only alarm at emergency levels. We recommend low level detectors that protect your family against even the lowest level of CO which can cause headaches, flu like symptoms and breathing problems. We can install one of these detectors on your next maintenance visit. It’s that easy to keep your family safe this winter.  See one here.

2) Gas is cheaper than electricity.
With the development of heat pump technology and the average temperatures of the metro Atlanta area, electricity is a more economical source of heating and cooling. So if it’s time to replace your hvac, consider an electric heat pump or a duel fuel system. Sorry Gas Guy!

3) Windows are usually the main cause of lost heat.
Windows usually rank lowest on the list of home improvements with the quickest payback. Sealing ducts and sealing outside air infiltration often provides a much quicker return. We can show you how with a whole house energy audit using EnergyStarTM guidelines.

4) I don’t need maintenance because I change the filter myself.
Today’s modern furnaces require special tools and training to not only maintain their safety but to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Changing the filter regularly is definitely important but neglecting the other 21 points is akin to changing your car’s oil filter but then never getting a tune-up or changing the tires when worn. Our affordable ComfortCare Plans help protect your investment while keeping your family comfortable!  Mention this blog article and receive $10 off your plan before Oct. 15.

5) A bloody nose means I have a medical problem.
We’re not doctors so we certainly wouldn’t discourage you from a visit to your friendly family physician! However, bloody noses are often a sign of low humidity in your home. Static electricity, shrinking floors and molding are other signs. Sealing your home or adding a whole house humidifier addresses this problem at its source.  Ask us how!

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