What are Some Top Tips for Dealing with Pollen?

This time of year, the yellow clouds of pollen are beginning to blanket everything in sight while also driving your sinuses crazy. Customers ask me all the time, “Is there anything I can to help prevent pollen from being a problem?!”

Try these tips to reduce your exposure and lessen the effects of pollen.

1: Download this free Pollen Tracker app

Available for iPhone and Android, the free Allergy Alert app offers several handy features, including:

  • Side by side 5 day up-to-date weather & allergy forecasts
  • Pollen counts to indicate which days you should spend less time outdoors
  • In-depth information about top allergens with detailed plant descriptions and images
  • Dynamic screen background changes depending on allergy season: Tree, Grass or Ragweed
  • Allergy diary to keep track of your symptoms and how you’re feeling to share with your allergist

2: Ditch Your Shoes at the Door. 

Most of the pollen entering your home comes in on the soles of your shoes.

Give your shoes a good wipe on your welcome mat and remove them instead of tracking pollen all over your house.

3: Delay Your Daily Outdoor Time. 

Since pollen counts tend to be highest in the morning, try to enjoy your outdoor activities in the evening.

You’ll notice a significant decrease in pollen exposure and allergy symptoms by exercising in the evening. Better yet, take your over-the-counter allergy medications before you have symptoms, and that will also help lessen the effects of pollen.

4: Wipe Down Your Precious Pooch. 

Your dog’s fur is like a pollen magnet, as are their paws. Be sure to give them a good wipe-down with a damp cloth after you walk them around the block or bring them in from the yard.

Your pet will love the pampering and attention; you’ll love the improved indoor air quality.

5: Shower at Night or When You Get Home. 

After exposing yourself to pollen throughout the day, it’s best to get it off your skin and out of your hair. You don’t want all that pollen on your pillow, do you? The sooner you shower after getting home, the less pollen you’ll find wafting through your home.

6: Consider an Electronic Air Cleaner. A whole-home air cleaner removes particulates and reduces indoor air pollution throughout your home. That includes asthma and allergen triggers like mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, pollen and even viruses.

These professionally installed systems operate silently and deliver the healthiest air possible to every room in your home. You’ll notice less dust build up, making your home look and feel cleaner, while protecting appliances and electronics. Get a free estimate.

Bonus Tip: Never buy those thick heavy duty pleated filters from the big box home stores. They don’t reliably deliver the kind of clean air that an electric air cleaner does, and their thick pleats massively slow down air flow which adds stress to your HVAC system and shortens its life.

I hope these tips bring you comfort and help you be sneeze-free for the next month or two!

If you’d like us to do a free estimate on an electronic air cleaner, a full Indoor Air Quality Assessment of your home or a tune-up for your air conditioner to get you prepped for the upcoming season, please contact us.

 – Matthew 


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