4 Tips to Stay Cozy this Winter

With evening temperatures dipping well below freezing, we are in prime territory for furnaces to fail. Here are four tips to keep you and your family as comfy as a cup of hot cocoa:

1) Make sure you have a fresh filter in place for proper air flow. Your furnace will already be working hard, so don’t stifle the airflow with a clogged filter.

2) Higher thermostat settings don’t lead to greater comfort in extremely cold weather. Keep your thermostat at a moderate temperature like 68-70 degrees. Bumping it higher only increases the workload on your system as it works to reach a temperature it may never hit, while driving your energy bills through the roof.

3) If you haven’t had a tune-up or professional maintenance in a while, now is the time. An inexpensive heating tune-up now can prevent a major repair down the road and extend the life of your system. You don’t want your furnace failing in the middle of the night. Hot tip: Get $40 off any maintenance plan when you call 770-271-7511 and mention this post.

4) For the ultimate peace of mind, consider our System Care Program and never pay for repairs again. For a low monthly payment, you’ll get a brand new American Standard HVAC system installed with all repairs, maintenance and even filters included. You literally pay for nothing more out of pocket, ever! Get your low monthly payment estimate by calling 770-271-7511 or contact us.

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