7 Top Pollen Tips for Better Breathing & Indoor Air Quality

According to the National Institutes of Health, about 35 million Americans are sensitive to pollen.

With clouds of yellow pollen blowing all over our community in Gwinnett County, here are 7 top tips to help you reduce your pollen exposure and keep it out of your home!

Tip #1: A good quality welcome mat will help keep pollen out of your home. Much of the pollen in your home enters on your shoes, so wipe them carefully before entering and remove them just inside the door.


Tip #2: Did you know your pup’s fur is a pollen magnet in the spring season? Leave a damp cloth or paper towel by the door and wipe down your pet after a walk. This keeps a considerable amount of pollen out of your home!


Tip #3: Keep your exercise and cardio regimen *indoors* with a treadmill or exercise bike at home or at the gym this time of year. If you want to exercise outside, do it in the evenings when pollen levels are typically at their lowest.


Tip #4: If you have outdoor plans, take your allergy medication or antihistamine before going out. Don’t wait until you have symptoms.


Tip #5: Are your eyes especially bothered by pollen? Put on a pair of sunglasses when outdoors, and this will prevent most of the pollen from getting in your eyes!


Tip #6: While evening temperatures can be beautifully mild this time of year, don’t be tempted to sleep with your bedroom windows open, even if screened. When trees begin pollinating around 5AM each day, you’ll essentially be throwing a pollen party in your bedroom!


Tip #7: As you’re collecting pollen on your clothes while out and about, it’s also collecting in your car. Regular vacuuming during the spring season will suck those pollen problems away!


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