Your Summer Maintenance Checklist

For most homeowners, the summer months are the best times of the year.  Longer days provide more opportunities for families to spend time with one another outdoors.  Although the summer time can be an exciting season for many, it can be a time of great anxiety for homeowners who fail to properly prepare their homes for the realities of the summer heat.  When you neglect to address certain things in and around your home, you can be left with costly repairs.  Avoid becoming a victim of preventable repairs.  The checklist below should serve as a guide for you as we enter the harsh summer temperatures of Georgia.


Change filters

Change your air conditioner’s filter every month during the pollen-filled summer.  Doing so will help you reduce indoor allergens and will save energy.  When a filter is dirty and clogged, it forces your HVAC equipment to work overtime in order to meet desired indoor temperatures.  This most certainly causes an increase in your monthly energy bill and increases your chance of experiencing an equipment failure.


Inspect for leaks

Did you know that 40% of your home’s energy usage is from your heating and cooling system?  With so much energy consumption coming from your HVAC equipment, you want to make sure you are getting the very best performance.  Leaks in your home, in context of heating and cooling equipment, mean that there are areas inside your home where air is escaping.  These leaks are typically found around windows, exterior doors and your fireplace/chimney.  Leaks are problematic because it forces your equipment to work overtime to make up for the lost air.  When your equipment works overtime, your energy bills increase.  Make sure you have all potential openings in your home sealed properly for optimal HVAC use.


Identify tax credits

There are times where you can take advantage of certain tax credits that relate to improving your homes energy efficiency.  Find out what those tax credits are and see how they would fit into your plan for improving the energy efficiency of your home.


If you would like to learn more about tips you can follow to help you prepare for the hot summer months, contact us today and let us help.  We have been providing professional HVAC services in Georgia since 1995.

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