All Things HVAC in Washington D.C.

We just returned from the annual Trane Dealer Conference in Washington D.C.  We took advantage of the opportunity to drag the kids around D.C. for some educational experiences.  During our tour of the Capitol, I was contemplating a  very public display (but that’s another blog entry)  when I faintly heard the tour guide explaining something about “the father of air conditioning”.  She was pointing to a statue in the infamous Statuary Hall of John Gorrie, a physician from Florida credited with inventing the first refrigeration system!  No joke.  Thought you’d want to see his statue.  Click here to read his full story.


A few days later we were taking in Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home).  And much to our surprise, we discoverd the father of our country had his own way of keeping his cool.  Check out his foot operated fan chair below!


Okay, so now you can never say that my blog doesn’t include a healthy dose of American culture.  Enjoy!

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