Ask Matthew: What’s the benefit of dual stage over single stage air conditioners?

When helping customers explore their options for air conditioning replacement systems, I often get this question:

What’s the benefit of dual stage over single stage air conditioners?

When I hear this, I answer it with another question:

Would you buy a gas range that could only cook on high?

Sure, it’ll get your food cooked, but not very efficiently!

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Single Stage Air Conditioners

Single stage air conditioning systems are either on, or they’re off. There is only one speed, or “stage.” Full blast! Even if it’s a mild day and you’re only trying to cool the house one or two degrees, they run at 100% capacity for shorter periods of time which is inefficient, and can cause uneven temperatures in your home because they’re cycling on and off so much.

Also, because they don’t run very long they don’t get as much humidity out of your home’s air, which can lead to a “clammy” and uncomfortable environment.

Dual Stage Air Conditioners

american standard air conditionerDual stage air conditioning systems have two different speeds at which they can run. The system is smart enough to know whether it can run at a lower capacity for milder days and at more gradual, longer run times. On the hotter days, it will crank up to the 100% capacity stage to keep you fully comfortable.

While they may have longer run times, they are so much more efficient than older A/C systems, they actually remove more humidity and use less energy so you’ll see significant benefits on your utility bills.

Variable Speed Air Conditioners
The top tier option are variable speed air conditioners. They literally match the precise speed needed to keep your home comfortable, selecting from a whopping 750 speeds!

These are the most energy efficient air conditioning systems you can buy and are whisper quiet as well. In fact, sometimes owners of these quiet variable speed A/C systems wonder if it’s even on! These air conditioners also remove the most humidity so you’ll feel the most comfortable.

Selecting your Family’s A/C System

Good: If budget is your primary concern, we certainly have excellent and reliable American Standard single stage systems that we can install.

Better: However, if you’re going to be in your home for 5+ years and want a more energy efficient, quiet and capable system, then dual stage air conditioning will be a better bet.

Best: Plan to be in your home for 8+ years and want the most comfortable home? A variable speed unit will be a wise investment for your long-term needs.

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