Atlanta Rhythm Section Headlines Free Celebrate Service Festival


Who says helping others can’t be fun?

The sixth annual Celebrate Service Music Festival is slated for Saturday, October 1 in Suwanee Town Park. Starting at 8 a.m., ten local bands make up the day’s playlist that culminates at 7:30 p.m. when the famed Atlanta Rhythm Section takes the stage.

The purpose of the free family festival? Food and water. Collecting food for Gwinnett’s hurting food banks and raising money to lay water pipe in Nicaragua. John Bland, the director of Amigos For Christ, the local charity sponsoring the festival puts it this way, “We’re a Gwinnett-based charity that serves the poorest of the poor in Chinendaga, Nicaragua. We’ve received such blessings and support from the local Gwinnett Community that we decided this year, our music festival would have a two-fold purpose. We wanted to fill local food banks while we bring attention to the need for clean drinking water in Nicaragua.”

It’s not such a wild pairing. Water is plentiful here in the United States but the economy is putting a strain on local food banks. Conversely, food is more available in Nicaragua, because of the accommodating growing climate, but clean drinking water is scarce. So food for Gwinnett and water for Nicaragua is service worth celebrating.

And of course, we at Holtkamp Heating & Air, are proud to announce the Celebrate Service Music Festival as a Gwinnett CAN Challenge event, an on-going effort to raise 10 tons of food in twelve months.

How can you get involved? By having fun! Come to Suwanee Town Center Park on Saturday, October 1 any time from 8 a.m. up to 10 p.m. Participants are asked to bring nonperishable items in lieu of admission to the all day concert. And of course, better come early if you want a prime seat for the Atlanta Rhythm Section!

The festival will include family-friendly events such as jumpies for the kids, a 5K run, a 30 mile bike ride, ultimate Frisbee tournament and lots of other activities. 106.7 FM will be on site as well as numerous restaurants making for a fun, family day with a very serious purpose. Visit for more information.

John Bland, “We’re expecting thousands of people in the park on Saturday. The resulting effect for both Gwinnett and Nicaragua will be huge. And it doesn’t hurt that we can jam out too!”

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