Avoid TheseTwo Mistakes When Replacing HVAC

A Smart Living Snip-It from Suzanne Holtkamp

Recents studies show that an average of 50% of the energy we use is gobbled up by our buildings – in heating and cooling, and in keeping them comfortable so we can be comfortable.  Understanding this, it makes sense to do your homework when it’s time to replace your HVAC system.  The first inclination is to simply replace the system with what’s already there – same size, same brand etc. just a newer model.  Before jumping to this conclusion, consider avoiding these two HUGE mistakes:

1) Putting in the wrong size system – This may seem like a bunch of techno mumbo-jumbo but it’s crucial to both comfort and energy savings.  Don’t confuse the size of your system with its efficiency rating.  We just had a customer yesterday who insisted bigger is better.  Not so!  A more thorough explanation can be found here.

2) Overlooking the importance of ductwork – Your furnace, heatpump or AC serves as the “heart” of your HVAC body.  The ductwork system is the veins and arteries.  So if your heart is working but then the veins and arteries are glogged or leaky, how effective is the heart?  We can conduct a full ductwork analysis while giving you a free estimate to replace your HVAC system.  This addresses the entire system and helps you make the most of your investment.

Get the facts.  Be informed.  Live smartly!

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