Be Chicken About Cold Weather


We’re rolling into fall with new family additions. They’re not the cooing, crying kind. They’re the clucking, roosting kind. We built a coop this summer which now houses four beautiful chickens. (Daisy, Dandelion, Beatrice and Lucy, just in case you’re curious.) We’ve spent countless hours letting the chicks “out for recess” and observing some pretty interesting behavior.

The term “coming home to roost” is really true. The little feather puffs climb their ramp at dusk and patiently wait inside the coop until we lock them in for the night. They follow nature’s rythmns and go with the flow.
We should all be a little more chicken. Excuse me? Yes, chickens do get a bad rap sometimes. After all, it’s we humans with our intellectual reasoning and emotions who avoid and put off, until it hits us in the face.

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