Comfort Tip: How Does Humidity Impact Your Home?

When people tell me they are uncomfortable in their home during the summer, the number one reason is usually humidity.

Summer is when we see the highest humidity in our area, because warm air holds more moisture. This is what makes the air feel “thicker” and heavy. It can impact your physical activity and cause increased sweating, respiratory issues or general discomfort.

Excess moisture inside your home can also cause damage, including warped wood and mold. So, what’s the best way to control humidity?

Some people crank down the thermostat thinking it needs to be cooler in their home, but they aren’t addressing the humidity issue. Others might purchase spot dehumidifiers, which drive up your energy bills and require dumping buckets of water 1-2 times per day.

Instead, we offer convenient central dehumidifiers which attach to your heating & air system and create the perfect level of humidity for your entire home.

Watch this video for a snapshot of how you can get greater comfort with a central dehumidifier for your home.

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