Funny Dirty Ring Around Your Carpet?

We recently visited friends for dinner.  They have a beautifully decorated house.  You know the kind where the curtains actually match the couch.  (Where did she find those lime green pillows anyway?)  Anyhow, the carpet was, you guessed it, white.  After I gasped upon entry and removed my shoes, we proceeded into the dining room.  I immediately noticed the dirty ring around the carpet, circling the outside walls. 

The lady of the house told me she was frustrated in cleaning this “dirt spot by the wall” because it constantly returned.  She was thinking of hiring a new carpet cleaner.  I told her it wasn’t her carpet cleaner; it was her hvac system.



No, I’m not losing my mind.  The dirt spots next to the outside walls are a sign of outside air infiltration.  I asked her if she experienced hot and cold spots near the areas of the dirty rings.  She replied “yes”.  That confirmed my suspicion.  I told her that the insulation inside her exterior walls was not making her walls air tight.  There were unplugged holes through which outside air was being sucked in every time the central hvac system turned on.  When this happens, her carpet edge was acting like a filter, trapping all the dirt from the outside to the inside.

What to do?  Stop paying to clean the carpet and find out where the house is leaking.  We can test your home and pinpoint the exact areas with an infiltrometer test.  Once you know where these areas are, some leaks you can plug yourself.  Others may need a professional, but once all done, no more dirty ring around the room.  Plus, you’ll enjoy superior comfort and lower energy bills.  Click here to learn more.  Then you can kiss Charlie the Carpet Cleaner goodbye and go spend that money on some of those nice, lime green, fuzzy pillows.  I hear they’re wonderful for Sunday naps on your nice clean carpet.

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