Don’t Waste Your Money on Duct Cleaning!

First off, I need to apologize.  I normally don’t hit a subject so often but I felt compelled to write again because I just went through our mailbox full of ads and coupons and counted no less than TEN ads claiming to reduce pollutants in your home by cleaning your ducts.  Don’t fall for it!  I am going to refer you back to my previous entry about duct cleaning.  Click here to read the full posting.

Duct cleaning is very rarely ever needed.  Except in cases of fires and floods, cleaning your ducts does not eliminate the sources of your contaminants.  It simply makes homeowners “feel good” that they have a clean duct system.

So please, clean your fridge.  Clean your car.  Clean your bathroom.  But don’t clean your ducts unless you have had an unvested professional tell you it’s warranted.  Give us a call.  We don’t sell duct cleaning and only recommend it in extreme cases.  Let’s find the source of those pollutants instead!

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