Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program Begins Feb. 12, 2010

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,  Georgia residents will be eligible for rebates after buying Energy Star rated appliances, such as refrigerators, heatpumps and furnaces.  Rebates up to $1200 per home are available beginning Feb. 12 on a first come, first served basis, i.e. when the money runs out, it runs out.  

Courtesy of Brad Norman at Georgia Power, we’d like to bring your attention to a few details:
1) Rebates are paid out in the from of Visa debit cards to customers.
2) Customers are responsible for submitting their rebate application, not the dealer or store.
3)  Note there is not an end date listed. The state of GA is receiving $8.6 million. Once the funds are gone, they are gone.   There is no guarantee how long the funds will last.  Call 1-866-296-1633 to ensure funds are still available or visit
4) Customers will qualify for both $199 rebates if they purchase an EnergyStar Dual Fuel system ($398) because they are considered two different appliances.
5) Customer must fill out a separate rebate application for each appliance (Dual Fuel = 2 systems – 1 for furnace, 1 for heat pump)
6) Limit $1200 per household
7) Customers may apply for one rebate per category, meaning you cannot claim for 2 heat pumps or 2 furnaces.

To find out the details and exactly how much is offered for each appliance, click here for the Georgia Fact Sheet.   And of course, feel free to give us a call if a new heat pump or furnace is in your future.  With all the rebates and tax credits available right now, it’s a smart time to replace an inefficient system!

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