Four HVAC Products You Can Do Without

This one’s for you Mike… Can I make you czar of my Bloggers Fanclub?

1) Vent Filters – These belong in the HVAC Hall of Shame. The directions instruct you to cut each filter to fit snugly over your supply register to filter allergens, dust and pollen. I doubt it. What they do accomplish is severely inhibiting airflow. Doesn’t seem like a big deal until you realize there’s little air coming into the room and your thermostat is struggling to keep an even temp, pushing up your utility usage. They also cause wear and tear on your system, even premature failure. So skip the vent filters; if you’re concerned about dust and allergens, we can identify the real source of the problem and correct it. See more here.

2) Filter Air Fresheners – These are placed next to your filter to distribute “pleasant fragrance” throughout your home. Just like the above product, it’s cutting off your system’s ability to properly filter air. Worse yet, sometimes they’re placed on the wrong side of the filter and get sucked into the blower fan causing not only a very annoying sound but costly damage. Practice safe fragrancing; use potpourri in a bowl instead. If your house has unusual odors, better to identify their source and clean them up. Ask us how.

3) Duct Tape – This is good for bottoms of shoes; thanks Dad for showing me how. It’s good for taping up boxes. It’s good for making a Halloween costume. It’s not good for your ducts. Use metal tape instead. Better yet, let us seal your ducts and then you won’t have to worry about it at all! See below for last month’s posting.

4) Decorative Supply Registers – They look pretty but they mess with airflow. It’s all about airflow, baby! Anything which inhibits it, makes your system work harder and costs you money. You might as well just move Grandma’s antique trunk over the register and really do the job right. Click here for the registers we recommend.

So next time you’re in a big box store, keep your hands inside your pockets and feel the money I just saved you!

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