Holtkamp Participates in Annual Georgia Air Conditioning Conference

Mathew Holtkamp was excited to recently participate in the Conditioned Air Association of Georgia (CAAG) Statewide Conference. This annual event is an ideal opportunity for leading air conditioning companies to come together and share best practices and latest HVAC industry trends.

At Holtkamp Heating & Air, we pride ourselves on continually seeking educational opportunities and HVAC information that will benefit our customers and help us be as efficient and effective in creating comfort for homeowners throughout our service area.


Areas of Focus During the HVAC Conference

During the air conditioning conference, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs gave informative presentations on the latest state codes and regulations that affect the HVAC industry. As a licensed and insured company, Holtkamp Heating & Air carefully follows all the guidelines that meet the best needs of our customers.

Additionally, a major emphasis was placed on residential ventilation. New trends in construction have reduced the amount of space in which air conditioning systems, ductwork and air handlers are installed. In order to have healthy homes, this creates the need for balance between energy efficient installations and dealing with poorly ventilated spaces that could potentially trap contaminants.

The Setting

The 2016 HVAC conference took place in the historic town of Savannah, Georgia, the perfect backdrop for a gathering like this.


For a large group of air conditioning experts, a few days of March in the perfectly comfortable air of Savannah couldn’t have been any better!


As Matthew said goodbye to Savannah and his fellow HVAC friends, he felt highly equipped with new air conditioning info to share with our team of A/C installers & technicians.

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