It’s Back To School Shopping Time Again – Uugh!

Three hours at the mall proved useless.   I was getting more frustrated by the minute.  Shopping for shoes for our 11 year old daughter who has special orthopedic inserts is like trying to make a ’77 Vega wagon look cool.  Let’s just say it’s a challenge.

Then we entered a department store where a somewhat older, matter-of-fact salesperson asked if she could help us; now isn’t that refreshing?  She actually measured my daughter’s foot.  (Imagine that!)  She asked about her feet and recommended several shoes.  She knew why certain shoes would fit and why others would be a bad choice.  She shared this information with us.  45 minutes later, we left with three pairs of shoes within our budget that fit great and looked wonderful; my daughter actually danced in the middle of the store.

Now, wait a second.  Aren’t shoe salespeople suppose to know all the above?  Well, they used to.  Most don’t anymore.  What’s happened?  It’s called “One Size Fits All”, the “Unservicing of America”.  (That’s the title of my soon-to-be-written bestseller, in my head at least.)

Your home is unique.  Your family has certain living patterns.  You have a budget and you know how long you plan to live in your home.  You have challenges and you have priorities.  All of these factors contribute to your solution when your AC breaks and needs to be replaced.  So why do you settle for “One Size Fits All”?

We measure houses.  We correctly size ACs.  We listen to you and empower you.  We recommend certain units because we know the durability and value of the Trane line.  We know how the Whole House Approach affects your utility bills and comfort and we can explain it to you.  All hvac companies should know this, but most don’t.  It’s the “Unservicing of America”.

Don’t look the other way, hoping the pain will go away.  Call us.  You could be dancing in the middle of your home.  And be cool doing it.  770.271.7511

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