Listen to Your Home: 3 Ways to Improve Heating Efficiency

Your home continually provides clues to the critical issues that need to be addressed as we head into the fall and winter seasons. These are the three most important areas that can be easily addressed, resulting in great comfort and lower energy bills.

1) Reduce Drafts

If there’s one major thing you can do to increase your home’s energy efficiency this winter, it’s reducing the infiltration of cold air.


Many people immediately think their worn or torn weather-stripping as the primary cause for their air leakage. While it very well may be a leakage point, it is actually only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to drafts. For the real culprits of air leakage, look up!

Those recessed lights, pull down stairs and attic duct systems, they are your real problem. For every cubic foot of air that leaks out the top of your home (remember, heat rises), a cubic foot of air has to return near the bottom. So remember, if you want to reduce drafts, seal your house from the top down.

In addition to these spots, here are the other sneaky areas that could cause unnecessary drafts, according to

  • Electrical outlets
  • Switch plates
  • Electrical and gas service entrances
  • Baseboards
  • Fireplace dampers
  • Wall- or window-mounted air conditioners
  • Cable TV and phone lines
  • Where dryer vents pass through walls
  • Vents and fans

Alleviate these areas of leakage around your home very simply with caulk, insulation or sealing foam from a home improvement store and you’ll considerably improve your heating efficiency!

2) Make Odd Rooms Comfortable

If you have a home addition, basement, sunroom or home office that is a different temperature than the rest of your house and typically cold in the fall or winter, we have the answer.


Ductless Mini-Splits are independent and ultra quiet units that offer complete comfort control of any room in your house. You won’t believe how whisper quiet these mini-splits are as they heat or cool your room. In fact, they’re often used in recording studios due to their near-silent performance.

There are a variety of sleek units that can be hung on a wall or ceiling, including one that can be flush-mounted into a drop ceiling. The ductless mini-splits can even be painted to match or accent your space.

3) Say Goodbye to Ridiculously High Heating Bills

Just like a doctor checking your vital signs for overall health, energy bills are a great way to illustrate the health of your home’s efficiency. If you consistently see astronomical heating bills in your home, our team of HVAC experts can review your heating system and your home’s overall health to help get your heating bills under control.

That typically starts with a Home Heating Tune-up. At our special rate of $68, we’ll make sure your furnace or heat pump is working at peak efficiency! Plus, our 21-point tune-up is the most thorough in the area at the most affordable price.




New! Georgia Power Customers: Let us perform a whole house pressure test and specifically identify all your energy leakage points for just $225.00 after rebate. This initial test opens the door to $2,575 in additional rebates! Call 770.271.7511 for details.

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