Local Food Banks Need Our Help

The summer months are days we all relish with plans for vacations, time off from school and splashy times at the pool.  However, the summer months are also the toughest time for food banks.  The demand stays the same with just as many families to feed but supply goes way down as donors shuffle off to vacation and those in greatest need no longer receive assistance in local school lunch programs.

Read about our local needs here.   The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a wonderful organization and one we have always supported both professionally and personally.   Please consider donating directly to an Svdp location or another local food bank.  Accept the CAN Challenge and organize a food drive while earning grant money for your own 501(c)3.  Want to learn more?  Call the office 770.271.7511 and ask to speak to Theresa from Holtkamp Heating & Air, the coordinator of the Gwinnett CAN Challenge.

Even the youngest can accept the CAN Challenge. Help Holtkamp Heating & Air fill local food banks!

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