Superior Service in 98 Degree Weather Is Not Complicated

Brace yourself.  The forecast says a high of 98 today.  What do you do when it’s going to be insanely hot?  Go shopping for yard items.  Ha!  Just got back.  Not going to bore you with the inane details.  Suffice to say, it wasn’t pleasant.   Knew what I wanted.  Just needed help in the store retrieving it from an upper shelf.  No help around.  Found help.  Asked for help from the help.  Said help walked away saying she had just walked in to her shift and didn’t know what I was talking about.  Next help told me he was helping another customer.  Store manager was in a meeting.   Couldn’t help me either.  I’m hot all over again just talking about it.

Hot weather seems to make human interaction complicated.   But it shouldn’t be, complicated that is.  Superior service comes from a dedication to learning and a love of what you do.   Spreading a little joy along the way is the jelly on the donut.   So who’s coming out to your house when you call Holtkamp Heating & Air?  A breath of fresh, cool air.

We hire attitudes.  We hire team players who keep cool when the humidity rises.   Skills can be taught; an infectious smile and a kind, soothing word cannot.  It is a reflection of who the person is down deep and the fact they love what they do.  Thanks to all the Holtkamp team players today who are serving our customers with a willing attitude and helping hand amid the insane heat.  That’s the Holtkamp Way.

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