Supporting Special Kneads Bakery in our Community

Did you know there is a bakery here in Gwinnett that gives meaningful employment to adults with special needs? In addition to their retail bakery business, they’re a non-profit that gives free birthday cakes to foster kids, senior citizens and others throughout our community.

Special Kneads & Treats is located near Downtown Lawrenceville and we’re so moved by their mission we love sponsoring them in several ways.

Watch our video to learn more about Special Kneads and the wonderful folks that work there.

How did we get creative to support Special Kneads?

  • We mailed vouchers to all our Comfort Club maintenance members for free baked goods. This rewards our customers but also raises awareness of the bakery.
  • We added a coupon to our playbill ad at Aurora Theatre, so every patron of their shows has the opportunity to enjoy something from Special Kneads while driving foot traffic into the store.
  • Each show at Aurora Theatre has a Sponsor Preview Night, and we provide cupcakes for the attendees to enjoy at intermission with signs featuring the bakery’s logo.
  • Plus we made this video to help raise awareness!

Our challenge to you:

Our family’s theme with local partners like Special Kneads is “Connecting our Community.” We’ve tried to bring our customers and patrons of our other community partners together to support each other, and you can do the same.

If you’re an individual, please stop by the bakery at 156 Scenic Highway in Lawrenceville and show your support by purchasing some sweet treats, ordering cakes for your events, etc. Take some photos while you’re there and share them on social media to introduce your friends to Special Kneads!

If you’re a business, think how you might be able to support the bakery.

  • Do you have customer events or meetings that could use a dozen (or more) cupcakes?
  • Would cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc make a great client “thank you” gift?
  • Could you send vouchers to your customers?
  • Could you make a donation to this non-profit?
  • Could you do an employee or customer fundraiser?

Special Kneads currently employees 16 adults with special needs, but they have a waiting list of over 150 that would like meaningful employment!

Thank You

Whatever you can do to help, we appreciate you embracing this remarkable local business right here in Gwinnett. Every little bit helps to bring employment to these wonderful adults with special needs that want to work and deserve a chance to contribute to our community in a safe, loving and Godly place.

Visit the Special Kneads Website

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