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Furnace Running Constantly?

Whenever a cold snap hits – lower than 25 degrees here in Atlanta Metro – your furnace or heat pump may seem to run constantly, leading you to believe that perhaps your unit is too small and unable to keep up.   There is a simple explanation for this.  Every unit is installed with a “set point”.  This is a temperature determined by the United States Air Force Weather Data Service that reflects the typical coldest winter day for the area. Our set point here in the Atlanta area is 21 degrees F.  That means that whenever the temp dips below 21 degrees, your heating system should theoretically run nonstop in order to overcome the cold.  In fact, once an outside temp reaches below 21, your indoor temp could be several degrees below the thermostat setting.  This is perfectly normal. Why do our heating systems need a set point?  A set point is used to correctly size a system before installation.  By knowing where the furnace or heat pump will be installed, the installing company can determine how big the unit needs to be to keep up with the area’s weather.   A correctly sized furnace or heat pump makes the home […]

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