That's Holtkamp with a "K". But What Does it Mean?

Here’s my trivia for the day.  We’ve heard from customers who tell us about Holtkamp organs and others who have visited the Holtkamp Patisserie in Amsterdam.  There’s even a Holtkamp Nursery in Tennessee that specializes in African Violets, one of which was actually sent along on a space mission.  But what does the name “Holtkamp” mean in German?  (I know you’ve been up nights, pondering this very question.)  Well, straight from my ink-stained fingers and research-weary eyes:

“Holt”  means “wood” and “kamp” means “enclosure or fenced area.”  So there you have it.  Our name means “wooden fence.”  You thought it was going to mean “air quality professional” or “the best HVAC company in Atlanta” didn’t you?  Perhaps we’ll start carrying an AC with a nice wood grained exterior.  Now that’s a keeper.

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