This Economy is Crazy. Holtkamp is Here to Help.

Who knows what will have happened by the time I finish writing this blog entry. Bailout? Stimulus? Law against selling blue cars? Free vacations for all those whose last names begin with “Y”? Okay, maybe I am getting a little sarcastic, but it has been crazy lately. And just a little stressful.

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However, there is some good news in all this uncertainty. With all the rebates, financing opportunities and tax credits, replacing your old AC or furnace has never been more affordable and energy smart. In fact, we can help you compute your payback period for installing a high efficiency unit instead of the energy guzzler you may currently keep propping up and resuscitating. What’s more, most homeowners don’t realize that their current 12 SEER unit may only be operating at a 7 or 8 because of duct leakage and air infiltration. Compare that to a new 19 SEER unit and your savings may be as much as $520 annually!

Rebates and tax credits are changing every day. So call us and let us know if you’re in Gwinnett, Fulton, Forsyth or Hall County. Also, if you’re a Georgia Power, Walton EMC or Sawnee EMC customer. We can let you know about all current promotions and help you decide which options save you the most money. So if you’re unit just went “kurplunk” or you’ve decided it’s time to put old Betsy out of her misery, don’t panic. We have information and options to determine your best course of action!

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