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Broken AC in Buford, Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Lawrenceville? Ask Matthew Holtkamp

Back by popular demand; I am turning over the blog (just temporarily) to Matthew so he can answer your most pressing HVAC questions! My outdoor unit is noisy.  Does that mean it’s broken? While some brands and models are more noisy than others, if you are noticing that it is particularly loud, then something is probably amiss.  While it could be a number of things, most often it is a broken part within the compressor.  Compressors operate similarly to car engines, with pistons, valves, etc.  If you do have a problem with your compressor, it’s best handled by one of our NATE-certified technicians.  You can even schedule an appointment online. How can I keep my husband from fooling with the thermostat? You could try distracting him with the remote control, his favorite food or a promise to take him golfing.  If that proves too costly or time-consuming, our new programmable thermostats now have lockout features.  However, we’re not responsible for keeping marital peace! I had a contractor quote me prices to replace my windows.  He said they are making my home very inefficient.  How do I know it’s a good deal? Window replacement is one of the most common unnecessary […]

Need Freon for Your AC? Not So Fast!

Gwinnett County is abuzz with graduations, last days of school, recitals, and ball games.  Here in Buford, that means party season.   (That reminds me; our mailbox has made it through so far, intact.  Whoops.  I just may have jinxed it.)  Have you called us for your cooling maintenance visit?  Or are you a new customer who needs a “charge” of freon to get you through the season? Basics first.  Your cooling system is self-contained.  After being installed, it was charged with the proper amount and pressure of freon and then closed and sealed.  If your system is freezing up and requiring additional freon to properly cool, that means you have a leak.  Adding freon is a temporary and sometimes, irresponsible fix.  The freon will eventually leak out; it’s just a matter of time.  It may last 2 hours or 2 months.  Consider financial and environmental factors as well.  Adding freon can be costly, especially with no guarantee of how long it will last.  Adding freon to a leaky system also poses environmental quandries.  Knowingly releasing freon into the atmosphere is against EPA regulations. We can locate the freon leak and properly repair it.  Once done, we recharge the unit and warranty the repair for the […]

Thinking of Planting Trees This Spring?

We all seem to get the itch to plant in spring. It’s the way God designed us.  Sun shines, soil warms, man wants to grow huge plants all around side of house to make pretty.  Sound familiar?  Consider these simple points before loading up the kids and dog for the local nursery. Remember that we live in a pretty warm zone (Zone 7 for you gardener types).  But we also have a decent drop in temperatures over the winter.  That means you want to take advantage of passive solar heating in the winter and natural cooling in the summer.  Translation?  Where you plant the trees and shrubs is just as important as the kind of plants/trees you choose. Remember from your elementary school science class that the winter sun is lower in the horizon than the summer sun.  This means you will receive more sun on the front, southern side of your house in winter and more overhead sun in the summer.  (Our last house baked on the west side during late summer afternoons.) Which way does your house face? Plant deciduous trees (ones that lose their leaves) on the southwest corner and west sides.  This gives you protection from […]

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