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HVAC Filters 101: All Your Questions Answered

If there’s one thing we get questions about all the time, it’s air filters for air conditioning systems. These questions typically include: How often should I change my filter? Where is my filter located? Which type of filter should I buy? Will an expensive filter improve my indoor air quality? Our answers will save you time and […]

As you reflect on Tax Day are you wishing you had taken advantage of more ways to save? Enjoy these specific savings on qualifying HVAC systems now and you can cash in on some fantastic credits and rebates that will soon put more power in your wallet! Federal Tax Credits A number of tax credits for residential […]

Our President & Founder Matthew Holtkamp recently had the opportunity to enjoy two days of in-depth training at Mitsubishi Electric headquarters in Suwanee, a special class only available to Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers such as Holtkamp Heating & Air. Upon entering the Mitsubishi Electric facility, visitors are immediately presented with high tech displays showcasing the energy efficient […]

With the temperatures dipping into the lowest portion of the season, here are 7 key tips to help your whole family stay warm and comfortable no matter how cold it gets. 1) Increase Humidity. Adding humidity and moisture to your home’s dry winter air will increase your overall comfort level. Boil pasta or other dishes with […]

Your home continually provides clues to the critical issues that need to be addressed as we head into the fall and winter seasons. These are the three most important areas that can be easily addressed, resulting in great comfort and lower energy bills. 1) Reduce Drafts If there’s one major thing you can do to […]

Just like changing the oil in your car, your HVAC system can only function at maximum efficiency if it receives twice annual maintenance. With winter just around the corner, you might consider waiting to see how your furnace performs and roll the dice. Bad idea! The last thing you need for your family is your furnace playing […]

Do you have an odd room in your house that’s always a different temperature than the rest of your home? From sunrooms to basements, perhaps your existing air conditioner or furnace isn’t providing a consistent level of comfort. Fortunately, we have a simple solution for your frustration: ductless, wall-mounted air conditioning units, also known as […]

We’re already having freezing temperatures, and meteorologists are predicting a brutal winter. Fortunately, your friends at Holtkamp Heating & Air are here to provide quick tips to keep you cozy and help you get the most out of your heating system. Comfort Tip #1: Humidity is your friend. In colder months, humidity is really what […]

We love it when we get to help our customers become even more energy efficient! As the official HVAC company of the Aurora Theatre (and proud supporters), we recently installed 17 new programmable thermostats. In the past, the theater had a hodgepodge of programmable thermostats and none of them worked together. We noticed many areas […]

Want to get the most out of your home heating sytem? Here are five great home heating tips from Matthew Holtkamp to keep the heat inside your home, where it belongs! 5 Home Heating Tips from Holtkamp HVAC 1. Check for drafts and insulation. Keep your heated air and humidity inside, and keep the cold air […]

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